Sometimes you eat crow, sometimes the crow eats you…

The first time I heard that saying I didn’t really get the implications of what that meant. What the heck is eating crow. Yuck! When my cousin first made that statement to me, years ago, I was dumbstruck, I don’t remember asking what it meant. I now know through my experiences exactly what that means.

I’ve eaten ‘crow’ more than I haven’t but didn’t know it. Crow isn’t so bad when you realize that you can learn from eating it. You don’t have to stay in the mindset that made you eat the crow to begin with. You learn from changing your beliefs about it that you never had to eat crow at all. That was then and this is now!

Lower order energies I’ve carried around with me to do and say and be what I didn’t want to do say or be. We are born ‘into’ the world which seems to have lower and higher order energies. If you are born into a family that lived with lower order energies, that was your fate then. Now is a whole different story. You have the intelligence and power to change your thoughts to create the world you were meant to create. Is it easy? Not on your life. Is is worth it? Absolutely! Will you have instant success? Not even close. Even those that are born with wealth have to learn constantly to keep themselves in a positive mindset. Keeping up with the changes that come in their lives and finding ways to help others in positive ways. We are never too ‘old’ and it’s never too ‘late’ for anyone to rise above and make something beautiful happen!

I understand the struggle to keep yourself in a higher vibration and keep positive thoughts within you and your surroundings. It does take work but once you are aware that the work is just to get you past the lower energies you’ve been carrying around, the rest comes naturally. You are the one who has to wake up with you every morning. There is no one and no power that can keep you in a state of confusion, loneliness or despair if you don’t want it there. There is a Power when you ask for it and believe that it’s for you and everyone who asks, who gives you the strength and courage to achieve anything you want for the good of yourself and all of humanity. You can’t keep it to yourself, you have to share. By sharing you are keeping it. Wanting to be or have what others have that may not have been meant for you keeps you in a state of confusion. You don’t have to be the President or CEO of anything in order to be happy. You just have to be you and do what makes you happy. If just enjoying your friends and family does that for you, that is all that is required for you to be happy.

Blaming anyone or anything keeps you in a lower energy state of mind. Wanting anyone to make it ‘better’ for you ever going to happen. If you’ve found someone to do that, good for you. It hasn’t worked for me. Wanting your due for goodness and greatness will come when you believe you are deserving of it. And you Are! Is it time for you to stop wanting the government, the churches, the schools, friends, family or even the Universe to supply want you alone have the power to supply yourself? You ARE the UNIVERSE!

There are times in life when you are in a state of ‘needing’ and those needs will be supplied automatically when you express those needs and others come along and provide you with them. With each step forward you take in your mind and tell yourself you are going to be grateful for everything that appears in your life, you learn something new and you begin to raise your conscious level of awareness and start to receive higher energies so that you can help others in their time of need.

Ask and you shall receive depends on your perspective of how it comes to you. I’ve gotten everything I wanted in my life when I asked for it. I didn’t know when I was asking for certain things that they were going to teach me something. I asked for things that would bring me happiness, and though they did, I forgot that the happiness continues when I extend it to others.

At times, I was in a state of selfishness. I wanted for me and I didn’t want to share with anyone. Even though I did share, I didn’t want to. And so the things that came to me brought me happiness until I tried to keep it all to myself.

Now I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned. There is a difference between getting what you want and keeping it to yourself and sharing what you have so others can benefit from it as well. You are not here in this world alone and were not meant to be alone. We share it with everyone all of the time.

You don’t have to give up your possessions, you don’t have to do anything or share anything with anyone if it violates your well being in anyway. No one is asking you to give away what you don’t want to give away. Giving away in the right spirit and the right ‘things’ at the right time, for me is truly giving away. If we are not feeling our best and we think to give something away will bring us to feeling better, that doesn’t always work. In fact, if I’m honest it never worked for me. I gave because I was taught to give. I gave until I had nothing left to give. I am now wanting it all back but in a way that others can and will benefit from. Not to get anything in return accept keeping my sanity and keeping the planet beautiful for everyone to enjoy! I must do my part! I’m still learning. As long as I am here on the planet I have learning to do. I will receive more of it now because I am deserving of it, and share that good with others.

Attaching myself to anything, people, places or things only prevented me from being all that I want to be and do. To Love is to set the prisoner free and know that the prisoner was me.

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis B. Smedes

I wish you Love I wish you Joy I wish you Peace and I wish you Happiness!

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