Shifting Again in Consciousness

What Is The Work?

In my lesson today from A Course in Miracles Lesson #266 – My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son. And the text reading today from Chapter 25 – The Remedy – Section III The Savior from the Dark, I feel my mind shifting again and wanting to remember more of the Love of God that’s being revealed to me. I’m seeing how, in the ego thought system, I have not seen the Light in my brothers and sisters or myself. I’m also seeing by choosing with the Holy Spirit in me, that I can absolutely see that Light that is in all of us.

So I started this out by saying what is the work. Well the work as I see it is learning that there is a different way of seeing things and then coming to a place in your mind where you make a decision to find that other way. Through the A Course in Miracles, I’ve found another way. It has not been easy traveling on this road but today I realized that it us much more easier than my ego thought system taught me. Because now I Am sure of the way because I know Who goes with me.

Along the way, fears arose that tried to put me back on the path of the ego but the more I persisted in learning the Course,the more strength I felt that kept me going. There have been many companions along the way. Some in person and many I’ve never seen with my physical eyes. But the support is always there. When God tells you you are protected He means it.

Building up the Trust in God after not fully trusting anyone or anything was a struggle for me and many others but the support, if you make the commitment to stay the Course, is always there. Today, I Trust God completely, for there is no other way for me to turn. I’ve made many decisions in my life and for many people. My only decision each and every day now is for deciding for God and His Kingdom, of which we all are.

The Course says that we will all make the decision at some point and that is up to each individual to make. And when you do, I’ll be praying and holding you up in the Light of Love. God is Love. God is Light. God is for whoever calls on His help. I cannot go through this seeming life one more day without Him. To God Be The Glory for my Being and Yours. <3 :)

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