Shift Changing

I want to be free to be what and who I am. What does that mean? It took me a very long time to realize that I had a self and a Self. Of course, I didn’t know one from the other for whatever reasons. It does not matter any longer in my life…becoming aware of “truths” about myself/Self does. I’m ready or at least I think I am.

I will say this right now before this goes any further, I have no “earthly” idea where this is going to take me, or anyone who reads it. I did and do pray before I write and ask for what needs to be said or shared on this page. I also dedicated this website to My Higher Guidance for Love’s Purposes.

I don’t know what Love is Totally, “yet”. I have been learning over the last 10 years through studying A Course in Miracles, what I had to do to come back to that Love that I have been “feeling” within my spirit more and more lately. All I can say is that it is more kind, caring, respecting, fulfilling and peaceful than I’ve ever known.

Where does “It” all come from? I only know now where it does “not” come from. Living and learning in this life has been quite an adventure. I’ve learned to speak, I’ve learn to not speak. I’ve learned to do for others, I’ve learned “not” to do for others. I’ve learned how to give, I’ve learned how “not” to give. I’ve given all, and I’ve given little. All of this, I’ve learned, was taught to me in a thought system that we all learn when we come here to the planet.

The last couple of days have been somewhat weird as far as things “shifting” in my mind. We’ve said goodbye to one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. I’ve listened to him for about 10 years now and listened seriously. I, of course, did not comprehend all of what he was trying to share and truly don’t know if I can now. I do know that a “shift” has happened for me. I have not been blessed with anyone in my life who could “explain” to me what would or could happen during this “shift”. Maybe I should say “shifts”, because I’ve had many, little ones as I “listened” more and more, not only to Dr. Wayne Dyer, but to many spiritual teachers. Some of them seeming to be wiser than anyone I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting or hearing about or listening to their “teachings”.

These shifts that’s been going on with me, all of my life, have been very struggling at times. Something happens to you that you do not realize or understand. You go through periods of “change” in your mind that lead you to different ways of seeing things in the world.

The Course in Miracles explains things that you will go through and lets you know that some will be unsettling at times. Each time I went through a change, it seemed to be a horrible experience, but then it always passes and something good in the way of experiencing things of this world come afterward. Pray, before, during and after all through your day. From the time you awake in the morning, until the time you go back to sleep at night. Pray without ceasing.

What I would pray for depended on what I wanted in my life each time before each “shift” occurred. When I was young I was told how to pray and what to pray for. When I became an adult, I prayed for material things. Sometimes, I think, I prayed for the health of others and safety, as well. I always received the material things.

As I got older and had children, I would pray for their health, our safety and for blessings on the food and the places we were living. At times, we wouldn’t have a place to live so we prayed for places. All of this seemed to make sense at the time the prayers were being prayed.

This is how I went through life, even after losing people through “death”, those kinds of prayers brought me and my children through tough times, when they were young.

When my son passed, I believe my first shift, at least it was when I started becoming aware that “shifts” in my “thinking” were changing. I started completely “seeing” God and Life in a different way. Of course, I fault the things that were being taught to me, the things I was reading and listening to in the Course. But as I look back at the changes, I see how “normal” it was to do that.

I see the difference between two thoughts systems that are in effect in the world. One is of the ego, based on what we can get and achieve from the world and each other, which is all part of the world, and one is based on Something that I cannot “see” with my physical eyes.

Personally, I’ve had sleeping dreams and things that went on inside of me that I saw with what I’m calling now my spiritual eye but I could not explain that, when these things started happening to me. As a child, trying to explain those things to my parents and other adults in my life, was like trying to do the job of an adult when you are just a child. So I eventually just allowed them to come and go and not think twice about what they were trying to tell me or what they meant. There was no spiritual teacher to help me to be okay with what was going on in my mind and heart.

As I’ve learned over the last 10 years that those “things” I was dreaming and thinking and feeling were just as real then as they are now, as I’m going through the “shifts” I’ve been going through. They still cannot be explained but they can, as the Course says, be experienced.

These shift changes aren’t comfortable at times, especially at first when you are going through them, but they are taking me on a ride of which I’m happy to be going on, sometimes not comfortable with though. They are definitely not as difficult as they first were but necessary for spiritual growth.

I wish I could do this work for everyone so that we can all experience this “Love” I’m experiencing but for some reason it doesn’t work that way. I can, however, be there for people and listen to your story as you care to share it. Love will show you the way as It works in each of us when we are ready to accept It and bring It forth into the world.

I really enjoy sharing these things, even if it’s “me” reading them, because it helps me get prepared for the next “shift” that will come as I am still here on the planet.

Thank you for allowing me to share what’s on my mind with you and for being in the world and showing up in my life.

Love, Light, Peace, Hope, Health, Happiness, Abundance and Understanding are for Us All… When the “SHIFT” changes in your life, I’ll be here waiting for you to share it with me and the world… We all need a friend who waits for us when the calm appears once again…. Thank You Dr. Wayne Dyer for Your Inspiration to the World….and for teaching your children well so they can continue to be the Love we wish to see…

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