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I’ve taken notes on the last book of Gary Renard’s, Love Has Forgotten No One. I’ve tried to type those notes here over the last 4 days or so. Each time I had almost the whole blog finished, something else would come into my mind and I felt I wasn’t supposed to share what I was writing originally about what I thought about this book and others that I’ve read. I felt I wasn’t being truly honest with myself or anyone.

I would like to say first, before I go any further that applying the A Course in Miracles teachings to my life over the last 10 years has helped me tremendously in my walk with my own spirituality. I am grateful for this teaching.

I’ve taken my time over the last 2 days and asked my own Guidance for some clarity about what I read from this book and the teachings of the others I’ve read since getting into this kind of thinking. There are other writings that I read since I started the Course, Nouk Sanchez: Take me to the Truth, Undoing The Ego, Gary Renard’s: The Disappearance of the Universe, William Paul Young: The Shack, James Twyman: The Barnyard Dance, The DiVinci Code, Annie Kagan: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, Marianne Williamson: A Return to Love, and of Course my first “start” into spirituality was with Neale Donald Walsch in the first book of Conversations With God. And reading and studying the Bible for 25 years.

There were many other articles, webcasts and video’s I’ve listened to over these last ten years from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Panache Desai, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Jo Dunning, Byron Katie, David Weiss and so very many others. There was my very first teacher Rev. James DeMaio, of Helping Ministries who introduced me to the Course and had many other workshops that were attended over 6 years. If I’ve left out any I apologize.

I’ve come to a major conclusion about all of these writings, they’re all trying to lead the people that come to them, for whatever reason, to a Higher Power, to help Guide them in an understanding of the lives we live. And to find some kind of comfort in the fact that they will receive some kind of wisdom to continue to keep living in this life and to make some kind of sense out of it, whether you have gone through trauma’s or are going through some kind of trauma.

The bottom line for me is that all of these Beautiful Souls have told their stories with as much Love and Caring as they think or feel they have. They are sharing their stories to help others to find some peace in their own lives. I have found that they’ve helped me to reach a point in my life where I can finally share my own story and not think that mine is any better or worse that the next person. I’ve come to a better understanding in listening to these people share their wisdom with me but there was one major breakthrough for me after Gary’s particular book that I hadn’t become aware of until I read it.

Before I came to the Course I belonged to the 7th Day Adventist Church. It was a great church and the people were very friendly, helpful and caring to me and my children. After the passing of my son is when I came upon the Course and left the Church. I had been raised a Catholic all of my life. The confusion of both the Church’s, I had in my mind, from learning and hearing what they had to say, was not enough, I suppose, to wake me up to the fact that we have people who are telling their stories of how they see and are living in the world. And it may not be the “truth.” There was always questions in my mind and I did ask but never got the answers.

I had thought by raising my children in a “church” period, was what I was supposed to do, not even truly thinking about all the different ways of the people in the church were thinking themselves. We do that to our kids and not even think twice when we are involved in any church. We’re so use to the teachings that we don’t question any of it until our children are filled with what the people in the church thought and believed. Then when they decide to live in the world, and see for themselves that not everyone is taught the way they were, they go through so much confusion and things that they maybe don’t have to go through if they weren’t taught to believe what others believe was the “truth”.

I think Gary’s books are great and a lot of it resonated with me because of the what the Course has taught me. I think Neale Donald Walsch’s books are great and even more of what he shares in his stories resonate with me. The same with all of the other “teachers/students” who are sharing their stories and telling others what and how they see God.

God for me, Is Love! There’s nothing else. But you know, I’ve learned that when I share that with others who are not use to talking or sharing about Love at all, outside of the “church” the majority think I’m strange. But I wonder deep down, if they,re really thinking that or if they’re thinking like I think sometimes, “that people are just sharing their stories.”

I’ve tried so hard to understand the “People of God” by the stories they’ve shared and the preachings I’ve heard. I’ve listened intently over the last 50 or or more years and I’m really no further in understanding anyone else than I was 50 years ago. The one thing I am more aware of is we are all here trying to “figure” whatever out we can and live the best way we can. No one has more “worth” than the one sharing their stories.

Should others receive money for sharing their knowledge about God. The Course has a lot to say about it. Sometimes I think I know what it says and then I come to a part in the book that says “I do not know what anything is for.” I have come to see that my perceptions change when I’m sharing my stories of how I see my world, God and anything else.

I had to finally leave the “groups” of people who study the Course together because it was starting to affect me in negative ways and I started to feel no different then when I went to “church” and listened to the Preachers tell me what ‘their’ “truth” is about God.

I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the preachers and teachers that have come into my life and tried to help me with their stories but I will never again think that your story is the truth or that yours is more important than mine.

If we are all here on the planet, we are all worthy of the same respect, worth and abundance at the same time. Those of you teaching those stories and getting paid for them, show me please how you think you are worth more than the ones you are teaching your stories to. This is how I’m feeling lately. I am now being totally honest with myself. And totally honest with you.

Some of you will read this and say she’s just sharing her story and other’s will read this and not think twice about it. It really doesn’t matter one way or the other, because I’m just sharing a story.

I still think Gary’s books and Neale books and all of the books I’ve read and the video’s and webcasts I’ve heard are good reads and good listening, but I also think that there should be a warning label on everything before being read and heard. They all should say, and make clear in your own mind, before you listen to anyone sharing, that the story you are about to read or hear or “findings” or whatever they are about to “inform” the people with, are just a STORY they are sharing….

Love, Light, Joy, Hope, Peace, Happiness and Understanding is for All… Much Love and Many Blessings for us All…

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