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This page was created for anyone who needs to share about loosing your loved one. No one understands this better than myself. I’ve created this page to give you all a chance to express your feelings, whatever they may be, on how you are feeling about losing anyone in your life, or how you are continuing to live without them being here in body. Whether he/she was your brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, fiance’, friend, mentor or acquaintance, if you wish to allow yourself a chance to express your feelings and say what you want to him/her as if they were still here. Or if you are okay with their passing and you’d just like to say hi and leave a note about how your life is going.

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  1. Mama

    Dear Billy, haven’t written to you in a while but I think of you on a daily basis. I’m not sure how other people are feeling about or believes what happens after we leave this earth, except what they say and I’m not really sure of anything but that you were here and your memory comes up constancy in my thoughts. Some days I’m not sure about the changes that are going on in my life and wish you were here to talk with like we use to when you were. You were always there for me regardless, and I just want to say thanks. I’ve learned so much from the scientific community and the spiritual community and sometimes some of the things are hard to accept. I’m just going to keep you and all of my family and friends who have left us in my heart and memories and keep the hope that some day we will all meet again. I love you and will always keep your memory alive. I do want to say that every time the thought of you comes to my mind a yellow butterfly appears. That’s enough for me right now as I know that the more I need or feel like I need to know somehow just shows up when I need it the most. Love you and miss you lots Billy!

  2. Kacie

    Thank you mom for putting together this website; you’re doing a wonderful job! And Billy, you are forever missed and loved so much…But I’m sure you already know that…Smiles…Can’t wait to see that grin!!!

  3. Mama

    Hi Billy, I’m sending this to you because I know you feel the love and are still sending it to everyone. THIS website was made in your honor and for others to see as best as they are able that you are anywhere they think of you. Keep those beautiful thoughts coming. We’re listening. Love you always!

  4. Mama

    Thank you Kacie. I thought this was a great way for anyone to say what they feel. I appreciate your comment and your love.

  5. Mama

    A Post on FB from my cousin Kimberly: This story is a story my cousin Rosemarie Venose wrote about losing her son tragically years ago. Rose has always(my whole life) been an inspiration to me as her children who I watched many nights, so Rose, who was a single mom, could work and make ends meet, she had four children, like me now, even a set of twins…I always remember her singing everyday as her children always smiling, sang along no matter how tough life would get. Nothing could prepare a parent to even imagine losing a child but Rose as always, found kind words and kept her genuine soul for me as well as others about life going on. I am sharing it today as I go thru, as I climb my own mountains, realizing I will get thru anything keeping the same spirit as my cousin Rose. She’s one of my Heros in life and this story just proves her immense love she has for all who walks into her life. I love you so much, Rosie.

  6. Candice

    Reading your story, “losing Billy,” opened my eyes. I knew everyone had a different experience that horrible day, but I only always saw it from my perspective. How I felt and what I experienced. It was important for me to see it from yours. Thank you for writing it! Billy will always be in my heart. I’m so thankful for the time I had with him,(thanks for creating him Rose:)

  7. Mama

    Hi Billy, Just wanted to say I Love You and I’m still listening to what you are trying to say to me. Sometimes I get really aggravated by the things of this world because I know in my heart of hearts that you are trying to convey messages to all of us about the Love of God and that you are fine where you are. I feel very limited here sometimes and don’t like it. Can you please show me a sign today that things are going the way they are supposed to? Thanks Billy, I love and miss you more and more…

  8. Bill

    Not sure if it helps you, but you’ve already made a difference in my life. Tho you feel limited, perhaps the resources you DO have are enough at present. Much love!

  9. Mama

    Hi Billy, You know I think of you often and today is no different. You also know that I’ve been having a hard time lately with accepting the changes that had to come. But last night I decided after praying to God and asking him to help me to accept and give me the feeling and the knowing that everything is okay and will be okay. This morning I woke up feeling secure and that hasn’t happened in a while now. Thank You Billy for showing me what you did while you were here in the body and staying in my heart and memory so that my faith continues to be what it is. I Love and Miss You but absolutely know you have never left… Mom

  10. Mama

    To Bill, just want to say thank you for posting that comment about working with the resources I have. I need reminders all of the time. I am grateful to you and everyone for them. And thank you Billy for sending me this sign or was that your Dad. And to send someone who has your name, that was pretty funny. I love it. Either way please keep sending them, I’m listening. Love and Miss You Both!

  11. Mama

    Hi Billy, It is because you, your brother and sisters showed up into my “physical” life that I have had opportunities to “see” things from a different perspective. I am grateful to have had the experiences to learn from all of you. Of course I remember you in the “physical” and I don’t know what you are experiencing now, but I’m reminded of you continuously and will NEVER forget the Love you and your brother and sisters have helped me to “see”. My Heart is not broken any longer, my heart is filled with Love. Whatever it is you are now, I feel the Love and Thank You for it. Keep sending those beautiful thoughts and positive energies. My heart and mind is open to more of that Love. I Love and Miss You Sincerely…


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