Being Brainwashed!

There are many things in life I’ve experienced, most of them good things but there are those times when the experiences were not so good. Or at least I thought so until I looked at it differently. Looking at things from a different perspective makes the experience different.

I’ve learned from many others and while learning, I was not aware of how it would effect me in the long run. To be honest, some of the things I wished I’d never learned. I’m glad I did because I may not be writing this right now or even care about life in general or the people who gave me their input about what matters and what doesn’t to them.

I started this website while in my ninth year of learning and practicing A Course in Miracles. There are things I’ve written about here that I was passionate about while studying it. Then after processing all of the information that went into my mind I started thinking differently.

I was passionate when first learning about this particular book, because I thought it spoke more truth than any religion I was part of. But this book, I was told was not about religion but was about spirituality. After processing the information, I was not so passionate about it any longer but thought some things about the person who wrote it and the others involved with the editing of it. I also had thoughts about the people I personally was involved with that were studying it as well.

I hated the experience of processing it all. I did not want to be involved with it or the people who were involved with it. I didn’t want to be involved with anyone in particular or anything about spirituality or religion period. So I researched other things that helped me to see what was happening to me and what ‘any teaching’ does to peoples minds. The thing about religion and spiritually is that, for me, to stay in one particular study and teaching keeps me from enjoying the rest of the world.

What is going on in our world and does our mindset from our beliefs about who/what/why God is, affecting our world and the people in it in general? I don’t know the answer to that question but the thought came up in my mind so I put it out there.

When I was growing up I went to the Catholic church. That was the only religion I knew and thought it was the truth. I don’t remember seeing happiness from any of the people involved with it. Most of the people I saw just did what they did and didn’t talk about if or how it affected them. At least I do not remember them talking about it. Showing or talking about feelings were not part of the upbringing I had. In fact, if you showed any kind of feelings toward anything, in my perception, it was ignored.

What I did learn from the teachings of ACIM was about perceptions and how each of us perceive things differently about ourselves, each other and the world. I don’t know if I stayed in that teaching for too long because I believe at the end of my studying it and being involved with it brought me to a decision, whether consciously or not, to not care about myself and others. I believe it separated me from others and caused me to have more judgments than not. One of the teachings of the book is to have less judgments not more.

Many people have different opinions about different religions and spirituality. My own opinion, is to listen to whatever presents itself and if it works for you, go with it as long as it does. When it starts to become more of a distraction than anything else, it may be time to move on to others things. The choice is always

Having a balance in life matters to me. Learning what that balance is took all kinds of twists and turns, learning and unlearning. But the bottom line is to never give up. Keep reaching out to what makes sense to you and if any teaching becomes confusing maybe it’s time to stop listening to that particular teaching. Why waste your life on something that is not bringing good into your life? That was and is my question to myself always.

Learning about mind control, I have my doubts about some of ACIM’s teaching now. I wouldn’t have been involved with it as long as I did had I known how it would confuse me in the end. Like other organizations, in my opinion, that teaches anything repetitive, is more harmful than good. Brainwashing is the result of repeating the same things over and over.

I decided to keep this website after many doubts. I write what I write and it helps me to stay somewhat sane. It also keeps me believing that my life has worth. I believe we all have worth and so I write, which is my gift to myself. What is your gift to yourself? You have a God-given right to Love, Peace, Happiness and feeling Safe and Secure. We all just have to find out what that means to each of us. What does that mean to you?

ACIM is not for everyone. I do not believe studying it together is necessarily the right way of understanding this book. Today I’m not sure that I would recommend it to others. Before ACIM came, I just had faith in a God. It’s been said everything happens for a reason. The life I had before ACIM and the life I’m having now. Whether or not the ‘book’ has anything to do with any part of it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I keep moving forward and doing what I need to do in helping myself and treat those that come into my life with the same respect that I wish to have.

I’ve come to a conclusion that however you look at your life or the other people in your life, Love needs to be at the center of it all. However way you realize that Love is all that matters, that is what will make this life for you and me better for all involved.

Thank you for visiting my website. Peace!