I’m back!

I apologize for being unavailable for a little while. Thank you for your patience!


Hello Everyone, my name is Rosemarie Souders. Welcome to my Website. My intent for this site is to offer hope to anyone that has or is going through experiences in life that we can’t make any sense out of. This Beautiful Planet is here to enjoy by everyone who comes to exist in it a while.

I Am a Peace Advocate. Although at times in my life, I, myself and others did not see it that way at all. The journey continues for me and you, whether we want it to or not. I’ve decided to enjoy the rest of my life. I hope to be considered trustworthy of those that come across this site and see that I am truly here only to help.

This is not an attempt to make you a “better” person but to ask you to open your heart and mind a little more into the heart and mind of others who share this journey along with you, “seen” and “unseen”.

Please visit my other pages and maybe you will decide to take this journey with me and perhaps one or many of us will find Truth, Peace and Friendship together and walk in harmony with each other. This is my Prayer and Hope……